Recommended Tours

Customized daily tours
  • Halong Luxury Day Tour- 100$
    It is easy and enjoyable to visit Halong bay for 1 day, we are unique organizer offering a small group Halong Luxury Day Tour, the package tour includes comfortable armchair- seats, nice day cruise, gourmet lunch, friendly and informative tour guide. You will definitely enjoy your trip with us.
  • Halong Exclusive Day Tour- 120$
    It’s an early start to the day as you will leave Hanoi to drive to the coastal port of Halong by luxury van, then enjoy Halong Bay Descending Dragons” in Vietnamese, the archipelago of Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Halong Special Offer 2days- 185$
    Awesome Travel, will bring the comfort to you by providing a luxury van and overnight cruise with dining room, guest rooms, bars, sundeck, massage rooms and many other recreational facilities are at the highest level of luxury and offered by all friendly, well trained crew. Halong